(A very angry) Letter to the Editor: Putin’s puppet

“Putin’s Puppet” (Letter to the Editor)

    Vladimir Putin’s puppet Donald Trump is a political dead man walking.  November 3rd is the scheduled date of Trump the traitor’s political execution which will be watched live on TV by hundreds of millions of happy people both here at home and around the world.  The end of Trump’s tyranny will be the beginning of hope and change for us all.

     Don’t miss your chance to vote for the American presidential candidate Joe Biden. The political demise of demonic Don the con will no doubt be the highest rated reality TV show of all time, so stay tuned, because the voters are about to tell Trump he’s fired!

     It’s all over for Benedict Donald.  Russia’s useless idiot Trump the chump is done.  The American choice for president Joe Biden will be elected the 46th President of the United States in an overwhelming electoral college landslide, not to mention by what is sure to become one of the largest popular vote margins of victory in American presidential election history. 

      Jim Jones Trump’s deranged death cult (formerly known as the Republican Party) is a national embarrassment.  Fortunately, most Americans are good patriotic people who will no longer tolerate traitor Trump’s psychotic circus of incompetence, corruption and cruelty.  This upcoming election is all over but the shouting.  Specifically, the shouting will be coming from the world’s whiniest lying loser Donald Trump with his usual dimwitted and dishonest refrain of “Hoax!  Fake news!”

      The story of the November 3rd election will be America wins, Vladimir Putin loses, and delusional Donald Trump can go inject his lungs with Lysol all he wants, it won’t save his illegitimate, pathological presidency from the wrath of the American people on Election Day.  Trump is a loser and an idiot!


Jake Pickering

Arcata, CA, USA

Dear Mr. Pickering,

My response to you is also a response to the shrinking liberal voter base of America. If you turned off MSNBC and booted up Twitter, you would see that the amount of people satisfied with calling President Trump a “loser and an idiot” is quickly shrinking. As liberals continue to slander the President with ad hominem attacks, it becomes ever more clear that Joe Biden has little going for him in his own right.

As I write this, Jacob Blake has just been shot by police seven times in the back (though thankfully he survived, now handcuffed to his hospital bed), and anti-fascist protesters Anthony Huber and Joseph Rosenbaum have been fatally shot by terrorist Kyle Rittenhouse. The lukewarm response from the Democratic party in response to openly fascist calls for authoritarianism from the Republican party has inspired many of the American proletariats to make clear their disappointment, dissatisfaction, and outright abandonment with the Democratic party…

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