The Herb Alpert Scholarship for Emerging Young Artists 2018

“The CSSSA Foundation is proud to be the exclusive partner of the Herb
Alpert Foundation Scholarships for Emerging Young Artists, a major
funding program for college-level artists.”

2022 CCMA Excellence in Student Media Award for Best Editorial

First place for “Journalistic objectivity is a futile endeavor – what do we do instead?” at The Campanil; “A beautifully written and honest account of the very real struggle confronting all journalists.”

2022 CCMA Excellence in Student Media Award for Best Photo Illustration

First place illustration for “Staff Editorial: Objectifying the Subject” at The Campanil; “The simplicity of this illustration is what makes it exceptional, reminiscent of the adage “If it bleeds, it leads,” which so concisely illustrates the written piece. Contributing to the illustration’s effectiveness is the fact that it reads well on all screen sizes (including mobile devices) and it melds the print newspaper heyday of the 1950’s with modern sentiments – a common public opinion that journalists sensationalize their subjects.”

2nd Place for Student Work – L.A. Press Club National Arts and Entertainment Journalism Awards

Russian Simmer Paul Radecki explains what motivated him to lead the #weddingsforrussia campaign and start a petition to reverse Sims 4 creator Electronic Arts’ (EA) decision not to release a game pack, Sims 4: Wedding Stories, in Russia due to the country’s censorship of LGBT content. Radecki and others explain why The Sims as an uncensored creative space is so important and explain why they fought against EA’s decision. Continue reading.

Girl Scouts of Greater Los Angeles Gold Award 2019

Awarded for documentary: “The Value of Art.” produced in partnership with P.S. Arts; “Through my project I addressed
the lack of arts education in
public school by producing a
documentary to engage my peers
in honest conversations about their
experiences with the arts in the
public school system.”