LMU, put your money where your mouth is

At Loyola Marymount University, it is far too easy to find yourself out of food and out of money. If you can’t shell out $2,700 a semester for a meal plan or can’t stretch the $25 a day that the most expensive meal plan offers, you could always get a job on campus and pay for meals out of pocket.

If you can’t survive on a $16.04 minimum wage, which is less than a burger, fries and a drink at Iggy’s, you could try eating off campus or cooking.

If you can’t afford $6/gallon for gas and a cart of groceries, or you don’t have any cookware in your dorm room, you could always sit down for a long night of paperwork and try to convince the state government that you’re poor enough for food stamps.

If after a long night of studying, you’re hungry and broke, and you need some dinner and some peace of mind right now — you could always go to the LMU Food Pantry, open 24 hours a day. However, you’ll be completely out of luck unless you feel like eating some Spam, a dry packet of oatmeal and some candy…continue reading here.