Steph Lentz — A Teacher’s Story of LGBT Discrimination and Fear in Australia

LGBT activist Steph Lentz wants you to know that Australia is under threat from a conservative Christian lobby, with organizations from the megachurch Hillsong to the Australian Christian Lobby pressuring Parliament to pass a controversial religious freedom bill that LGBT activists like Lentz fear would legitimize anti-LGBT discrimination in the eyes of the law. Lentz, herself a teacher, worked at Covenant Christian School until 2020 when according to Lentz, “the school fired [her] because [she does] not believe homosexual activity is sinful so [she] couldn’t toe their theological line, this being a condition of employment at Covenant Christian School.” 

Should this Religious Discrimination Bill be passed when Parliament reconvenes in February, Covenant Christian School and other conservative institutions like it would be protected under the law in their initiatives to discriminate against Australia’s LGBT community. Though Australia is often viewed as a progressive nation and safe haven for LGBT people, Lentz wants Americans to know that “whatever secular, progressive sheen we give off is just a thin veneer.”…

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